Frequent Questions

Q? Is there a penalty for early closure?

A. No.

Q? Can I make an advance or bulk payment?

A. Yes.

Q? Do you need collaterals?

A. Yes, all loans are secure.

Q? What do you accept as collaterals?

A. We accept Furniture & Appliances, Motor Vehicle or Real Estate

Q? What if I can’t find the receipt for the furniture and appliances?


The items can still be used as security as long as they’re yours and completely paid for. You will sign a document which confirms this.

Q? How many furniture and appliances do I need?

A. We start at a minimum of 5 furniture & Appliances.

Q? Do I need a guarantor?

A. Yes. All loans require a guarantor.

Q? What is the minimum or maximum amount i can borrow?

A. we lend as little as $20,000 and have lent up to $10m subject to income and collateral being offered.

Q? How much can I borrow?

A.The loan amount will vary depending on your net income and collateral presented. Please ask one of our friendly loan officers to assist you.

Q? How will I repay the loan?

A. We are proud to announce our cashless system. Which means you can make your payments via any paymaster outlet.

Q? What kind of identification do you accept?

A. Valid Jamaican Driver’s License, National ID or Passport.

Q? What are your opening hours?

A. For your convenience, we are opened Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and on Saturdays 10am – 3pm.

Q? How long is the loan process?

A. The processing takes a minimum of 24 hours to 2 days. (Dependent on the responsiveness of the Applicant).